Sicily II

This game covers Operation Husky, the Allied Invasion of Sicily, 1943. OCS Game 4-16, published in 2016 as part of Operational Matters. Designer: Dean Essig. Developer: John Kisner.

One map, 2 countersheets, scale is 1 hex = 3.5 mi/5.6 km. Campaign game is 16 turns, from 10 July 1943 until 31 August 1943.

Game Specific PDF's:







  • Landing Craft, etc. – Summary sheet of the rules for Landing Craft
  • Sicily Ground Unit Evolution – Illustration of how Ground Units changed between Sicily and Sicily II
  • Learning the Ropes – Article by Ric Van Dyke from Operational Matters detailing a full turn from the Primasole Bridge Scenario included with the game.  This is the updated article referred to in the errata.
  • Luftwaffe in Sicily – Listing of German air units which fought in the campaign, their strength, and how that converted to OCS units.
  • Catania-Messina – Two printable enlarged maps of areas that can get crowded during game play.
  • All About DUKWs - These units generate a lot of questions, so here is a detailed explanation.


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