The Blitzkrieg Legend

The Blitzkrieg Legend simulates Case Yellow, the German offensive in May of 1940 that shocked the world. In less than a month's time it made quick work of Belgium and Holland, shattered the armies of France, and pushed the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) into the sea at Dunkirk. OCS Game 4-12, published in 2012. Designer: Hans Kishel. Developer: John Kisner.

2.5 maps, 4 countersheets (plus markers), scale is 1 hex = 3 mi/4.8 km. Campaign game is 13 turns, from 10 May 1940 to 3 Jun 1940 (two-day turns).

Game Specific PDF's:


  • TBL Errata (13 Nov 2014)
  • Errata counters for this game were included in Korea (2014), Smolensk and Hungarian Rhapsody.
  • British 50th Inf Bde counters - Units of the British 50th Inf Division were mistakenly shown as regments instead of brigades. This has no effect on play, but here are replacement counters. These were also included in The Third Winter.



Tea for Two - Excellent French language AAR of Scenario 7.3 by Vincent Fran├žois with detailed photos (link opens new web page)

Hope is not a Strategy - Excellent AAR of Scenario 7.1 by Randy D. (link opens new web page)

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