Beyond the Rhine

This game covers World War 2 in Northwest Europe from the end of the Allied pursuit across France through the crossing of the Rhine and advance into Germany at the end of the war. OCS Game 4-14, published in 2015. Designer: Roland LeBlanc. Developer: John Kisner.

Four maps, 6 countersheets (plus markers), scale is 1 hex = 3.5 mi/5.6 km. Campaign game is up to 70 turns, from 5 September 1944 until 29 April 1945.

Game Specific PDF's:

  • Game Specific Living Rules (v1.1) (18 Oct 2019) - This set of Living Rules and the Allied/Axis Tables contain all errata, corrections, setup changes and designer modifications as of the posted date. Biggest things to look out for:  Namur becomes an Allied Arrival area, Luftflotte Reich Air Units are removed during the Axis Clean-Up Phase and many new Allied units are fueled during their initial Movement Phase.  These Living Rules include the errata dated 25 Jan 2022 despite the date discrepancy.
  • Allied Charts & Tables (v1.1) (11 Oct 2019)
  • Axis Charts & Tables (v1.1) (11 Oct 2019)


  • BTR Errata (25 Jan 2022)  (Note: This errata corrects an earlier file. All changes are included in Living Rules v1.1.  Please download those rules and use instead.  They contain all changes as of 25 Jan 2022.)
  • Several additonal counters (an Allied Reserve marker, several Allied Truck counters and a German Breakdown unit) were included with Tunisia II and Smolensk. An updated Commonwealth counter was included in The Third Winter.
  • BTR Supplemental Counters - 1-page summary of the French (included with Tunisia II and Smolensk) and Commonwealth (included with Hungarian Rhapsody and The Third Winter) supplemental counters and their Order of Arrival. 



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