Baltic Gap

Baltic Gap: Summer 1944, depicts the Soviet drive into Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania during the summer of 1944. OCS Game 4-11, published in 2009. Designer: John Kisner & Hans Mielants.

2 maps, 3 countersheets (plus markers), scale is 1 hex = 5 mi/8 km. Campaign game is 38 turns, from 26 June 1944 to 29 Oct 1944.

Game Specific PDF's:

  • Game Specific Living Rules (v2.3z) posted 12 November 2019.  Refinements to September 2019 Living Rules.  Key updates are a process added to the Victory Conditions to make skill differences somewhat self-balancing, new house rule options, and updates to some of the scenarios.



  • BG Errata (20 June 2017)
  • Errata counters for this game were included in GBII (2011 printing), The Blitzkrieg Legend, and Special Ops #3.






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